Japanese Knotweed Treatment

Japanese Knotweed control relies on the treatment of the foliage growing out of the soil and the extensive root system that grows under the soil.

Due to the plant's aggressive nature, and how quickly it grows, it can take a number of years to completely eradicate.

Professional Japanese knotweed treatment

Our experienced Grounds Maintenance team are experts when it comes to the treatment and control of Japanese Knotweed.

The sooner you identify Japanese knotweed, the sooner you should consider the treatment.

After an initial survey and confirmation of the Japanese knotweed issue, we will build a report detailing treatment recommendations based on the density of the knotweed, the location of it and whether the knotweed has caused any damage.

The treatment plan will also include periodic monitoring to ensure the Japanese knotweed does not grow back.

To arrange for a qualified and experienced expert to inspect your knotweed problem, simply contact us on the details below.

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