The price of the MOT depends on the type of vehicle that you choose to have tested.

We will provide a free re-test as long as you return your car within 10 working days.

  • Class 4: Cars (Up to 8 passenger seats) £49
  • Class 4: Private Passenger Vehicles (9-12 seats) £49
  • Class 5: Private Passenger Vehicles (13-16 seats) £55
  • Class 7: Goods Vehicles (3000kg to 3500kg) £55

Competitive prices are available for fleet bookings, Please contact us on 020 8424 7555 or email for a no obligation quotation.

"It's not the test fee but repairing 'fails' that can cost a fortune. But did you know you can get MOTs done by local councils? They generally don't do repairs, so there's no vested interest to fail you in the hope you'll spend. Thousands report a huge difference."

What to do before an MOT test?

Before an MOT test, you need to check:

  • All your lights are working
  • The wipers are not worn
  • Your tyres are correctly inflated and meet the standards by law
  • Your windscreen does not have any chips or cracks within the area swept by the wipers.