Legionella Awareness

  • Code:M002
  • Length:half day
  • Cost:£55.10 per person

A half day course designed specifically for those who have duties in respect of water services management in premises where large quantities of water is stored and utilised.

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The course trains candidates to be aware of Legionella, the importance of prevention, and the necessity of urgent action should significant amounts of Legionella be discovered in any of the premises hot or cold water systems.

Learning outcomes

This course has been designed to enable candidates to understand some of the key elements of Legionella awareness and control; the training is structured to ensure that they achieve the following objectives:-

  • To be fully aware of their duties in respect of safe water management
  • To be aware of the nature and characteristics of Legionella bacteria.
  • To identify possible hazards in the workplace
  • To assist in the management of Legionella and safe water systems.

The course will also give an overview of the main legislation covering Legionella control in the UK with particular emphasis on ACOP L8 Candidates will receive a Harrow council certificate in Legionella Awareness and Control.

Legionella Awareness course content

  • Introduction to legionella
  • Symptoms of legionnaires disease
  • Risk areas
  • Introduction to hot and cold water systems
  • Legislation
  • Risk assessment
  • Typical written schemes (monitoring)
  • Case studies
  • Duties in respect of water management
  • Contractors and log books