Harrow Council provides a range of consultancy services by qualified and experienced Council officers providing advice and proactive recommendations to assist you.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements and obtain a free, no obligation quotation.

For Schools H&S Provision for Schools
Energy Advice for Schools
For Businesses New Food Business Advice
New Business Advice (e.g. H&S / Fire)
Provision of Hard Copy of Safer Food Better Business (FSA only provide on line version)
Pre-Licensing Application Advice
Auditing of Premise for internal compliance (not linked to statutory inspections)
ASB Training for Businesses, landlords, housing associations
Environmental Health Noise Assessments
Pest Control
Immigration Inspections (housing for suitability)
Harrow Pride Consulting on Playground Equipment
Consulting on Landscaping Projects
Maintenance Contracts
Refuse Trade Waste Contracts
Recycling advice for developers
Traffic & Highways Minor SuDs issues - Drainage Consultation / site meeting (minor works such as hardstandings, etc.)
Planning applications / permissions - Drainage Consultation meeting (3 hr consultation)
Planning applications / permissions - Transport Consultation meeting (3 hr consultation)
Tree issue - assessment (per tree) initial report
Tree issue - assessment (per tree) detailed report
Initial Assessment of Drainage scheme (localised small scale flooding / drainage issue)
Design Drainage scheme (localised small scale flooding / drainage issue)
Initial Assessment of Maintenance scheme (single site up to 1000m2 for bituminious / paved surfacing, no drainage)
Initial Assessment of Traffic / parking scheme - (localised area e.g. junction, car park, etc.)
Design Traffic / parking scheme - (localised area e.g. junction, car park, etc.)
Disabled parking bay application (per application) / parking service request review (per location e.g. junction)
Design disabled bay / minor parking scheme for construction
Initial Assessment of Parking scheme - (localised area 5 - 10 streets)
Design Parking scheme for consultation - (localised area 5 - 10 streets)
Prepare traffic regulation orders
Design parking scheme for construction
CCTV Advice regarding CCTV set up and regulations
Contract / Community Engagement Team Project Management Advice
Policy Advice
Events Event Management Consultation