Nutrition & Health (Level 2)

  • Code:F005
  • Length:2 days
  • Cost:£99.80 per person

A two day course; this qualification is useful as induction training in catering environments and for employees who are involved in the selection of menus, recipes and ingredients. It is equally relevant for the hospitality, leisure, education, health and community care sectors.

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Learning Outcomes

This course will help candidates to:

  • Understand the type and function of nutrients found in food
  • Understand the importance of a nutritionally balanced diet for good health

Candidates who successfully complete this as an accredited course and pass the assessments will receive a nationally recognised certificate from the accrediting body.

Nutrition course content

  • Functions of key nutrients in the body
  • Identify the foods in which key nutrients are found
  • Importance of including fluid and fibre in the diet
  • Importance of a nutritionally balanced diet for good health
  • Purpose and requirements of a balanced diet.
  • Main food groups in the eatwell plate
  • Nutritional requirements in relation to the needs of specific groups of people.