Lone Working

  • Code:HS009
  • Length:half day
  • Cost:£55.10 per person

A half day course is designed for anyone who works on their own, without direct supervision even for a short period of time. This can include shop workers, salespersons, fieldworkers, cleaners, security staff, social workers ,estate agents etc.

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More information about this course

The Lone Working course examines higher risk scenarios such as those associated with people working out of hours in challenging environments. It provides an understanding of the risks and standard controls that can be put in place to provide a safe personal working environment .

Learning Outcomes

This course will help candidates to understand:

  • The risks associated with lone working
  • Controls to reduce and remove risk
  • Legal duty of care

Candidates who successfully complete this course will receive a Harrow Council Certificate.

Course content

  • Understanding lone working
  • Risks associated with lone working
  • Risk Assessment
  • Controls to reduce risk
  • Monitoring and verification of controls.
  • Communication
  • Practical solutions and equipment